A message from the Chairman of the Aged Care Board

Welcome to the Society of Saint Hilarion Aged Care Website. I am confident that you will find it interesting and informative. It is a great privilege to be involved with an organisation with such strong heritage and with a clear purpose of serving the elderly in our community.

I encourage you to explore the various sections on this site and invite you to contact one of our friendly staff with any questions that you have. Aged care can be quite a complex issue, however we are here to provide you with as much information and assistance as possible if you are looking to make a decision in relation to a member of your family.

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St Hilarion FUND MY COMMUNITY Program

St Hilarion's aim is to provide employment opportunities for both the unemployed and migrant groups

How will the funding be spent?

The funding will assist with the establishment of a community kitchen and a food van whereby volunteers can learn to refine their cooking skills and assist with the delivery of meals to the elderly and financially disadvantaged groups in the community. It will become a point of reference for both newly arrived migrants and the long term unemployed to learn new skills that will enhance both their employability and connectedness to Australian Society.

How will the project be delivered?

St Hilarion is in partnership with both Federation University and ARA jobs, a South Australian Job Services provider. We have identified that they are able to accommodate 20 students within a 12 week Certificate 3 qualification. Our current volunteers will provide training support in collaboration with Federation University on a daily basis. If the pilot project is successful, the program will be a feeder system for other business arms within St Hilarion and shared amongst other providers.

In order to support this project, we require everyone to  web search Fund My Community, create a YourSay user account and leave a comment on the project’s comments board. Please contact Reception if your having difficulty with this process.

Your assistance with this project is greatly appreciated!

Please click on the following link:



Dinner Dance 2016Saturday 30th July 2016

Marche Club

Corner of Gorge Road & Darley Road, Paradise

Saturday 30th JULY, 2016

6.30 pm start – 12 midnight





Come join us for this great fundraiser


Bookings :           Teresa Dall'Acqua Leonardi OAM - Event Coordinator

Phone:  08 8409 1505  Fax: 08 8409 1599:   Mobile: 0417 710 454 

Email:   tleonardi@sainthilarion.asn.au

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