Wills & Bequests

Wills And Bequests

Many not for profit organisations in Australia derive a significant proportion of their donations from Bequests which people include in their Wills.

The growing trend towards doing this reflects that, in addition to leaving something for their children and other relatives, many people recognise the vital contribution made by community organisations such as Saint Hilarion in today's society.

A relatively common type of example occurs where a person might distribute 80% of their assets to family members, with the remaining 20% being allocated to one or two community organisations.

This is obviously a very personal matter, and should you wish to learn to learn more, speak to your lawyer or call Saint Hilarion on (08) 8409 1500 for a confidential, no-obligation discussion. Your gift, no matter how small, can help to create a legacy for future generations.

We would also be pleased to honour your commitment through some form of permanent memorial at either our Fulham or Seaton facility.

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