Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Lead by our CEO and under the direction of the Board, our Leadership Team is comprised of the following members of staff:

Thuy Phan


Thuy is of Vietnamese background.  She arrived in Australia as a refugee via boat at the age 13 with her Parents, two brothers and two sisters.  Thuy’s family settled in Perth, Western Australia.  After graduating from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia as a Registered Nurse, Thuy has been working in aged care for over 20 years.  Her other qualifications include Palliative care and Continence Consultant.

Thuy is proud to be working for The Society of Saint Hilartion Inc Aged Care as her passion lies in Aged Care since graduating from University.  Thuy finds it rewarding assisting residents and families to make the transition from home to residential care as homely as possible.  Thuy has strong leadership skills, extensive clinical, management background in the health and Aged Care sectors, having worked in various leadership roles within Aged Care, including as Director of Residential Care Services.

Through her work and cultural background, Thuy is connected to a number of CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) communities as well as Vietnamese and Italian.  Thuy is able to relate to people from all cultures and often, despite differences in language, she finds it easy to understand others.  Thuy has a passion for making a difference for CALD communities as she understands the core foundations of coming from a CALD background as a refugee.

Frank Naso

Director of Innovation & Initiatives

Frank has over 20 years' experience in the Aged Care industry with postgraduate qualifications in physiotherapy, workplace training and is a previous recipient of Safework SA, Australian and Better Practice awards. Frank has worked within acute health care facilities as well as Aged Care residential and community based settings, within urban metropolitan areas as well as rural and remote locations in Australia. His aim is to increase the profile of active, healthy ageing and is also strongly committed to the rights agenda for older people.

Frank’s passion has always been to break down the barriers between Aged Care and the community by providing a holistic framework for the delivery of services. He has been fortunate enough to implement these foundations by combining  Lifestyle Activities with Allied Health programs at Saint Hilarion Aged Care.

Michael Bailey

Human Resources and Project Manager 

 My passion for working with people and celebrating their success is one of the most rewarding parts of my role in managing Human Resources.  My HR Studies and 30 years of experience as a senior manager in a range of industries that includes electronics and communications, automotive and manufacturing and education sector brings a comprehensive knowledge of HR and organisational development systems and management practices.

In my previous career as a mechanical technician, I developed a practical hands-on approach to design, construction and application.  The knowledge and skills have remained a part of my discipline for planning, design and implementation of projects.

Both career experiences and my 10 years in the Aged Care sector have formed a compelling interest in managing change, making improvements and the continuing development of organisations in the belief that each individual has a valuable talent that will make a difference.

Mary Spudic

Director of Residential Care Services

Mary has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and has worked in a variety of settings from acute care to Aged Care. She has completed a graduate Diploma in Gerontology, auditors course and an MBA.

Mary brings 21 years of passion and expertise to the Aged Care Industry.  Being Italian, Mary understands our unique cultural and spiritual needs of our care recipients/families and other stakeholders.

One of Mary’s ongoing passion as a leader is to lead, mentor and supports the Aged Care teams to meet personal goals, key performance indicators, organizational strategic plans, compliance and most importantly care recipient’s quality of life and quality of care in this dynamic environment.

Alison Saunders

Manager Quality & Safety

Alison is experienced in working with staff imparting knowledge pertaining to the internal systems and engaging staff to participate in safe practices and continuous improvement opportunities.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Health Science Nursing, Certificate IV Frontline Management and RTWC Certificate.

Her passion is to develop systems that will meet legislative compliance and code of practice to ensure high quality services are provided to our care recipients and safe systems for staff and all stakeholders.

Segaran Murugeson

Finance Manager

Segaran has spent over 20 years in the Public Service in financial management roles and 10 years in the not-for-profit sector including Aged Care residential and community services. Segaran understands the needs of the board, business and community by developing strategies, systems and processes that will improve efficiencies and effectiveness while being resourceful in developing service and revenue streams. Segaran's work in high pressure positions, in conjunction with previous senior financial positions and related educational pursuits, has been the key in the development of crucial skills necessary for the delivery of results across various sectors.

Segaran is passionate about Aged Care and active ageing and has chosen to employ his finance, accounting and operational leadership skills in the not-for-profit sector such as Saint Hilarion. Segaran's inspiration is derived from understanding his work and input facilitate an organisation to deliver services that better lifes which he finds both inspirational and meaningful.

Segaran is a qualified CPA and a member of the Australian Institute of Management.

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