Vision, Purpose, Values


Our Vision

Saint Hilarion Aged Care, a focal point within the Christian community, vibrant, inclusive and highly respected, where older people thrive and embrace life.



Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the lives of older people by providing high quality aged care services within a culturally diverse Christian community.


Our Values




Our interaction with everyone connected to Saint Hilarion Aged Care will generate positive feelings of dignity, worth and consideration. At all times we will respect the needs and choices of people receiving our services and will be inclusive and accepting of diversity.




We will act fairly, with honesty and integrity resulting in our clients, staff and volunteers feeling safe and protected at all times. We view the role of caring for our clients as a privilege.




Our Italian heritage has given us an authenticity where warmth, care and compassion are at the centre of our service. We will operate in an environment where our clients, their families, staff and volunteers will be supported and nurtured to achieve their goals.




We accept the responsibility for providing high quality and effective care to our clients. We are committed to our staff being qualified and skilled and that they are supported with ongoing education and professional development. Our services will continually improve and we will strive to gain the best possible value from our resources.


Saint Hilarion's values RESPECT